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Welcome to Kern Insurance Services, LLC

Where we strive to provide the highest quality
of insurance to fit your individual needs...

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We offer a wide range of services including:

  • Long-Term Care
  • Medicare Supplements
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Major Medical
  • and much more...

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    As a knowledgeable and experienced insurance agency,
    we understand our clients' needs and are dedicated to satisfaction and trust.
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    Services currently offered by Kern Insurance Services, LLC:

    Long Term Health Care

    At Kern Insurance Services, LLC we specialize in helping our clients protect their assets and retirement portfolio by concentrating on your specific needs. Because Medicare does not pay...
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    Home Health Care

    Many of our clients would prefer to focus on receiving care in their home if they become disabled. Medicare does not cover any sort of care for long periods of time if you are not...
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    Medicare Supplements

    Medicare Supplements (sometimes called Medigap) are designed to fill in the gaps of Medicare. Because Medicare does not have an Out of Pocket Maximum for the...
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    Medicare Advantage

    Sometimes called Medicare Part C is a Managed care plan like that has contracted with the Federal Government to offer an alternative to the Original Medicare Program....
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    Medicare Rx

    Medicare Prescription Drug Plans began offering coverage in January of 2006. Since then we have contracted with most plans available in Missouri to offer our clients the specific plans to cover their specific prescriptions...
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    Individual Health

    We are contracted with plans to help Individuals and Families under 65 protect their finances from catastrophic loss from Health Care expenses. We have a large range of plans with different deductibles...
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    Short Term Health

    Some people find themselves without coverage for a short period of time. Perhaps they are between employers, or have retired but not quite reached the age of Medicare Eligibility. We can help protect you with plans...
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    Dental Insurance

    Many of our clients prefer to carry a stand-alone dental plan. We have products that will work alongside your current dental coverage or by itself for individuals or for your entire family.
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    Cancer Insurance

    This sort of insurance is meant to pay you directly if you are diagnosed with Cancer. Your health insurance pays your doctor, less any deductibles and co-insurance, and your Cancer policy sends you a check that is yours to do with how you please...
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    Disability Income

    Simply stated, this insurance replaces your income if you are sick or injured. Many people do not have any other income if they become disabled and cannot work. They are unable to pay their bills or maintain their current lifestyle.
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    Life Insurance

    What would happen to your family and responsibilities if you or a loved one passed away? Life Insurance will help your loved ones pay off a certain investment (Term Insurance) or it can be designed as an investment that will grow value in which you will...
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